King David and Captain America

After recently watching the movie Captain America for the 3rd or 4th time I couldn't help but observe some of the similarities between the character Steve Rodgers and the greatest king of Israel, king David.

Both started out as the underdog. David wasn't even fetched from the fields when the prophet Samuel arrived at Jesse's place looking for his sons (because he was the youngest). Rodgers wasn't deemed worth the trouble of being admitted into the army even if they were only going to ship him over to die in the war (because he was the smallest). 

Rodgers was chosen by the doctor, David was chosen by the Lord. Both men experienced a transformation; David was anointed with oil and became filled with the Spirit of God, Rodgers was injected with cerium and became extremely strong. But in the end both David and Rodgers were chosen for their outstanding character.

Both guys ended up serving in ways they didn't expect or dream about.. Rodgers became a show boy to raise money to support the war instead of fighting it, and David started out playing the harp to calm king Saul's troubled mind. Both guys were aware of their calling but still chose to be faithful with what they had been given instead. 

A handful of everyday tasks given to him by his father takes David to where the giant Goliath is, and some orders and a tour abroad takes Rogers within range of what seems like a hopeless mission. Both guys take up the challenge with all odds against them. Both defeat their giant and become the hero.

David is loyal to the Lord, God of Israel. Rodgers is loyal to the United States of America.

David hates the enemies of the Lord. Rodgers hates bullies. Both of them allow their passion to move them into action when the opportunity presents itself. Both have prepared themselves with smaller challenges; David killed a lion and a bear to protect his fathers sheep, Rodgers would confront bullies all the time even if they would beat the hell out of him for it.

Both men lived their lives with courage and strong convictions. Both men were more concerned about doing the right thing than their own safety or well being. Both men counted the cost and were prepared to lay everything down for the sake of the mission. 

Both guys had their failings, but both guys sacrificed much to live for a cause greater than themselves. That's what makes them leaders, and that's what makes them my heroes.