The Father of the Trees

Something tells me I should go for it. "Forget the risk, take the fall" is what they say. The sounds of nature awakens in me a sense of not belonging, it's like déjàvu except I can't remember what I'm reminded of. Gravity begs me to bend but something inside me won't relent. The meadows green strewn with sheep and the crystal breeze wrapping around me whisper endlessly of a need to meet the father of the trees. Could it be that he can silence my hearts feeble bleeding? I stumble through the trees and crumble at his feet. The depth of his love from the branches it hung, willing to die for me. Every inch of my skin stands at attention before him. My breath is shallow but hope grows deep as I begin to understand how much he cares. My worth was clear as they cursed his name, for in silence I betrayed him but with a cry he forgave them.